Dr Sunshine perambulates

20131011_164817 We’re such a cute couple walking circuits around the ward, and my gal is such a snappy dresser! (If you’ve ever worn a johnnie, you get the joke). Dr Sunshine is enjoying this interlude in which he is not the one having to exert to keep up!

14 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine perambulates

  1. OK, I see, I’ve been confused. I thought Dr. Sunshine was Kristine’s amanuensis. I thought Dr. Sunshine was a snarky moniker for a sarcastic scribe. Sadly, I have been mistaken.

    Sarcastic scribe, please start a blog!

  2. Ok having been involved in plenty of craniotomies… they were quite nice in the hair sparing area πŸ™‚ You wouldn’t know you had brain surgery!! Glad to see you up and about πŸ™‚

  3. Kristine, it is so absolutely wonderful to see you talking on the phone, writing your first bost, and standing up looking so smart!! You are amazing! So is Dr. Sunshine! Many, many hugs and smiles and more prayers and energy being sent your way.

  4. True that, Cute couple.
    Glad to see u standing and walking, Kristine. I am sure having a great husband next to u in these moments is a great blessing you really deserve.

  5. Better shake PT’s room down for those running shoes, Sunshine! She will be sneaking out for a quick half-marathon on your next coffee run, if you aren’t careful, You know how fast she can be, once she is on her feet!

    Lots of love to both of you!

    • ohhhh I want to go out running so much! I suggested that Dr. Sunshine could go for a run to the old North Bridge . . . . he rejected the idea! There’s also a qute cat in our friiend’s back hart (bruce and Sharon) that I thought about luring inside to sleep with us last night! I don”t think anyone else thought it was a good idea! Did you know that touch typing is the best inventioned ever of the brain. Pretty surprising that my brain can’t rememember the date or a bucn of other things, but I’ve got touch typing _ my brannty who used to teach type would be woproud!

      • PT, you must be psychic with your new and improved brain! (The English language is kind of a mess, anyway, so you can go ahead and improve that while you are at it…take it from a linguist.) I was just thinking that what you really need to speed your recovery are some THERAPY CATS! Of course, Southern Ears (a.k.a. Jacobus the Latin Dog) would be happy to help out, and there is nothing he loves better than a long convalescence, but Boston might be a bit nippy this time of year for such a wimpy chihuahua (and he may be too nippy for Boston)!

        So, since you like the “domesticate-them-yourself” type of pet, it is time to send our team player who is up for anything, old Atta’ Boy Sunshine, down to the nurses’ station for a tetanus booster and Security for all the kevlar body armor he can muster (since he has to pick the kitties up to test the Snuggle Factor). He will then hit the streets of Boston and Sumerville this evening with a can of tuna and Norwegian sardines on toast points…after all, in the words of British Comedy Queen Hyacinth Bucket, we only want “the right sort” of kitties. I am sure you will soon have enough adorable therapy cats to share with the entire ward; the hospital staff will be just delighted! (Oh, and Dr. Sunshine, be on the lookout for something big, like a Norwegian Forest Skocat: your niece Amelia is convinced they are clearly superior to all other companion animals, and will help Kristine get well twice as fast!)

  6. I love this picture of demure Kristine πŸ™‚ I am so thrilled you are doing laps around the ward. Will not be surprised if a not too far in the future picture has everyone in the ward in a yoga pose πŸ™‚ Just keep getting better – it makes so many people happy! My candle is burning and every time I look at it, I say a little prayer for you. Much love.

  7. You have been the “Queen of Cute” since the day you came home from the hospital…and I have been amazed by it ever since! Rock that johnnie!

  8. Thanks for all of the updates, Dr. Sunshine. Great to see you doing well, Kristine. I bring greetings and good wishes from Kim Schulz, who I saw yesterday. Gave her this website. Hang in there and we’ll see you back in Pullman soon–better than new!

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