does it matter if you cannot understand how the calendar works?

This is the question of the evening, because I am trying to relean how the calendar works as well as convince myself that this matters! So I’ve spent a bit of time staring at the calendar trying to convince myself that it really matters because without, it, I don’t show up to do things on time, for example. Funny that I just can’t convince myself that it really matters. That part of my brain is fairly off line right now. I can’t seem to convince myself that it matters a lot. It is a weird experience of living the eternal now. don”t worry, I really am working on caring about this so or you may be in for the longest sermons ever. But it is interesting to see how much my brain is not wanting to remember the calendar and just live in this eternal now. So, i’m doing my best to care enough to learn how the calendar works again. I am now able to remember that it is 2013.

We went to our old church here, and I was able to remember some people that I haven’t seen for over 20 years. One of them was pregnant while first baby when I was pregnant with Leda and the church had a baby shower for all of us at the same time! My friend, Clifford decided that I need a bishop”s hat to wear when I’m back in Pullman, so he brought one by the MGH. So you see, our friends out here are taking excellent care of us. And I realize how much our friends here would like our Pullman friends!

10 thoughts on “does it matter if you cannot understand how the calendar works?

  1. You know, apart from showing up on time, celebrating birthdays, and knowing when to change the liturgical colors, I think you’re right… it doesn’t matter very much. Glad to hear you are doing so well! Much love, Jeannette

  2. Not so sure about the importance of the calendar, but the Bishop’s hat is a must.
    I love you, my dear friend.


  3. I think your brain might be on to something the rest of the world can learn from! I mean other than making sure I get my days off and keeping the Sabbath holy (not that I am so great at that all the time either) I am a little hard pressed to really come up with an answer to help you out. Though I guess we do need to know when to show up for that long sermon 🙂 And I too would sit through any of your long sermons 🙂
    sending lots of prayers

  4. I remember a sermon you once gave about time. I can’t remember the terms but my categories are wrist watch time (which is artificial, but rules my life) and natural or farm time which has to do with seasons and light. Somehow the latter seems more sane albeit impractical in our contemporary world. My idea of vacation is to remove my watch! I thought of you this week after I looked at my duplicate check and saw I had written a check on Monday for 8/8/13 rather than 10/9/1 and I haven’t had brain surgery!

    My candle is still burning and every time I look at it, I think of you and send a little prayer. So far, I have remembered to blow it out when I leave 🙂

    • Sheila, your 2 categories of time make a lot of sense in my world too–and I think the “farm time”
      is still a real practicality for some of us, happily; at least I still have to order some of my work life by the seasons/weather, and if there’s enough light left this afternoon to get all those bulbs planted for someone! It does always feel more sane, too.

  5. I wish we could not have calendars, so I think you are on to a great idea! Guy wants to point out that when Pope Gregory reformed Julius Ceasar’s calendar in the 1400’s, three whole months disappeared, so he says calendars don’t matter as much as people think. Thinking of you and loving the posts! Love Diane and Guy

  6. I wouldn’t work too hard on relearning it – seems like it’ll come over time and in the meantime you can enjoy the eternal now. Can’t wait for the sermon! Your writing/typing has improved incredibly since your first post too, what great progress!

  7. I’m loving the image of you giving your long sermon in the bishop’s hat, Kristine! We’re SO
    relieved and grateful to witness your daily return to the “real” world, with or without calendars.
    Yesterday during joys & concerns Bob Grunewald called our collective attention to the gorgeous
    fall colors visible to the choir through the high north sanctuary window; when we went up after the service to take a look, I thought of how much you too would love to see them. Hope you 2 are
    home soon to catch the lovely fall here, but enjoy your old stomping grounds in the meantime!
    BTW Dr. Sunshine, I agree you should have your own sit-down comedy blog–maybe the high schoolers would like to get you set up for that?!

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