Almost one year later . . .

In about a week and a bit, I get to have another birthday celebration. Oct. 8th will be the one year anniversary of my brain surgery, which quite literally gave me my life back. I’ve been asked by some if I would blog a bit more about the past year of recovery, particularly by others living with epilepsy and some thinking about having surgery to deal with their epilepsy. Writing in the blog was one of the first things I did once I could move and stay awake while I was still in the hospital. It was the first sign my neurological team had that I was still able to read (or, at least I had a good time randomly typing — I’m not sure they knew which was the truth!). It kind of feels wonderful to be going back to Boston, very shortly, and being able to look all of those doctors and researchers in the eye and say “Thank you.” It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to say thank you to a creative, innovative, and compassionate group of doctors and scientists who, quite literally, saved my life. More later, but just thanks and grace, right now.

PS — And don’t worry.  I’ll get Dr. Sunshine to add his two bits worth!