my first bost

Tryig to write after brain surgery turns our to be very cofusing who wave known? Thanks for being part of my rehab process by reading this cofusing note! Dr sunshine is the best ever! Thaks for all the love!

17 thoughts on “my first bost

  1. Wow! Good job on the post. You are surrounded by light and love. Smile a lot for Dr. Sunshine. He has been great! I will be cheering hard for Jake and the Pumas tomorrow.

  2. Loved your first “bost” – it’s like writing that sounds like speaking with a stuffy nose. Perhaps an apt metaphor, but you are writing and talking on the phone – YEA!!! Lots of cheers coming from here. How’s the singing coming? Should I be looking for liturgies 🙂
    Love you.

  3. I must have some natural strange brain twists, because I had to go back and find the errors-it all read smoothly to me the 1st time /; {
    Its so good to see you recovering so well Kristine,

  4. Fantastic that you have the energy for this so soon after surgery. Who would have known indeed!
    Thank you for spending some of your energy on us back home. I am not sure you know how glad us folk afar are to see this. We are happy and excited and hoping for swift healing.

  5. Can’t believe how great you look! Love your first “bost” so soon after surgery. Nice to know that spell-check isn’t perfect! Lots of “nudges” this past week—-although I’d appreciate their arrival coming at some time other than 3am!!!! (no doubt when your “breakfast” was arriving!) Sending oodles of hugs, love and prayers to you and Dr. Sunshine!

  6. How wonderful and amazing To hear from you Kristine! Dr Sunshine has been awesome in keeping everyone informed on how you were doing.
    Much love to the both of you and the kids also.

  7. The crazy thing is that those few sentences really “sound like you”. Regardless of misspelled words or missing commas, anyone who knows you, sees you in those words. Love you SO much. We’re having Victoria’s birthday party today. Little girl is 8! We never stop thinking and praying for your family. Oh, and Dr. Sunshine’s writing is causing me to dust off the dictionary…perambulates? That’s a pretty cool word for such a simple action. I like it.

    • Oh big sis yyou would be the best rehab person for this, especially if you could convince me that the calendar really matters and so I should learn it once again. That one really slips my mind. I think everyone is getting tired of tellingh me the dates . . . but then again they keep asking me the question. The last time they asked me how many quarters are in a dollar, I asked why? Are you missing some quarters and did you leave them in my brain after the surgery?????? nothing like a light moment with your neuro surgery team!

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