Dr Sunshine eavesdrops

20131011_112545Rev Zakarison shares some thoughts about governance with Congressional leadership. A distinct sea-change, just in time to help fix what’s broken. It has to come in short clips before she runs out of gas, but sometimes in DC simpler is best!

10 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine eavesdrops

  1. Kristine looks great! It looks like she doesn’t need a beret or a scarf — just a good comb-over. I’ll contact The Donald for advice on product and technique.

  2. It is great to see you! We’ll work on the hair style, the outfit and the bracelets later 🙂
    Somehow I can believe that you really are talking with the congressional leadership. You would be just the person to talk some sense into that gang.
    Sending lots of love

  3. Just keep after them in DC my child — they need all the help they can get before Oct. 17. Even in your confused state you may have a break-through solution. Glad to see you have adopted both your mom’s terrific hair style and her uptown fashion. Much love

  4. Oh, and a “post scriptum” … it looks like we may need to send up some of our “friends” from down here in Louisiana and Texas for a PERSONAL AUDIENCE with you! The phone call doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect! (I alternate between wailing and gnashing my teeth…not good when you inherited the Zakarison enamel!)

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