Dr Sunshine Weds #2

The brain is mystery organ. Having a bit of trouble on what year it is. But quite unexpectedly in walks Rebecca Spencer, MD PhD, anesthesia resident, who is Kathy’s niece, and a delightful detailed conversation ensues! Upon reflection I guess relationships developed earlier in our history than did numbers, time and dates .. maybe back with tree shrews … but it does seem to this engineer like those things would have more complex neural representation!

In other news, they repositioned Kristine & I got a good look at the hair situation. Let’s put it this way, it’s less like the Palouse highway and more like I90 through Bellevue. But only visible from the back, so I’m thinking jaunty beret would be the way to go!

One of the neuro team just came by, and I’d say the muscle-strength part was unremarkable. So, even if the year continues to be elusive, I predict no problem with downward dog.

9 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine Weds #2

  1. So I’m often not sure what year it is 🙂 and I have to say I think recognizing Rebecca is way more important.
    I love doctor speak – “muscle strength is “unremarkable” – right up there with minimally invasive brain surgery.

    Thank you for the updates – I really appreciate them and am pretty sure that I could have used “we”.

    There are lots of people sending love and healing and strength to you both.
    Virtual hugs are also being sent – very gentle ones so as not to make the headache worse.

  2. It is brilliant sunshine here on the Palouse today—-at least up on the tops of the wheat fields at our house! I guess it’s been foggy in town—–maybe to have empathy for Kristine? Nice to think of the same sun is shining down on you, too.

    Hey, I can’t remember how old my kids are. I do remember their date of birth–which means I have to take time to do the math and figure things out! Lloyd is too practical to understand how this can be. Recognizing Rebecca should help prove that number neurons are newcomers to the game.

    Berets aren’t so bad. Could start a new fashion trend in Pullman.

    Thanks for the updates. They mean more than you will ever know.

    We continue to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers……….many times during the day……and night. You are all so loved and cherished—-it must feel like you are surrounded and covered in a huge quilt of many layers!

  3. I see being a trend-setter in Kristine’s future (hardly anything new)…a jaunty beret would suit her well. Praying for relief from the headaches and nausea. Bring on that hospital food!

  4. It’s brilliantly sunny here in town too, and no doubt the Palouse highway is a beautiful drive
    –maybe even I90 is today. Either way, hair grows back, Kristine would look fantastic in a beret,
    and downward dog will be a source of joy and healing, I’m sure! Continued warm thoughts to you
    both, way “over there”, under your quilt of love and support (neat thought there, Donna!)….

  5. Hey, dates are overrated. When it comes down to it, who cares what year it is most of the time? Being able to hold a “delightful detailed conversation” however, is never overrated. That is really how we connect as humans anyway.

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