Dr Sunshine ; something to chew on

Along with the neuro questions, Kristine is regularly asked “how bad is your pain, like on a scale of 1-10?”. Y’all know that Kristine is always motivated to give a correct and precise answer, but for one thing she’s stoned out of her mind on morphine, so why would one believe whatever she says 😉 Anyway, I was reminded of this radiolab> http://www.radiolab.org/story/314056-plotting-pain-scale/

which is super interesting, especially the 3rd part wherein the woman assigns “10” to the pain of being dragged by a chain behind a truck, and therefore under-reports her pain. I’ll have to listen again, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s Scandinavian.

7 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine ; something to chew on

  1. I know, right? On the one hand, they ask us to call a 10 “the worst pain you’ve ever had or can imagine,” but on the other hand, when a darling spouse–as mine did–informs the nurses of our real pain threshold, then they chastise us for “not staying on top of the pain.”

  2. The rate your pain chart always seemed silly to me – but …….
    There is a bunch of research that music can help decrease the experience of pain. Have you got her iPod with her favorite meditative (not NIA/ not dancing) music?

    I still have my candles and am sending lots of positive healing energy.
    Hug you guys

    • Libby Roderick has a CD “A meditation for healing” Is repetitive mantra. Her most well-known song is “How could anyone ever tell you”. Sending lots of healing energy. Thanks for the updates,Dr. Sunshine. Hope the chocolate supply is holding out.

  3. PT — Just let go of those stoic genes from Norway and get the pain meds you need — never let the pain begin to run away. Also, Dr. Sunshine, if the post-op nausea is “remarkable” — just love that strange medical definition — you may want to find out what anesthetic they used. If there are subsequent surgeries that can be helpful to know. Trivial info from the in-house nurse with no formal training — just years of experience. Much love to you — Family nurse on call

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