Dr Sunshine Weds #1

Dr Sunshine passed out in a hotel bad and awoke to a beautiful Boston October morning. Yesterday we were overrlooking the Charles River and for a brief moment the thought occurred to me that maybe rowing would be pleasant. That passed.

Kristine continues to have the mother of all headaches and is well-medicated. Probably the next milestone would be to get beyond the nausea and start eating.

Before I arrived Kristine was visited by my 2nd grad school roommate who is a pediatrician here. He and his wife used o sit in the pew in front of me at the Harvard Sq UCC church and in fact was the one who suggested I get to know the seminarian. Probably would not be unreasonable for our kids o drop him a thank you note.

I got a peek at Kristine’s incision. There is just like a 1 inch strip running north-south. On the outside everything is glued shut, no bandages all.

3 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine Weds #1

  1. The family nurse is back on duty. OK, PT, on the father of all headaches deal just remember the past. When Mouse had the problem Dr. Phillips once asked her who prescribed the cold wet washrags on the forehead at all times. Answer, MOM. Whatever works he always said. And I guess you won’t need my mop of hair this time. You were much in my thoughts today but was so thrilled when I returned and had a message from Leda saying all was well. Take care, my dear one, and have Dr. Sunshine get enough sleep to give us a more definitive medical report. His DOG info is outside my medical expertise.

    • OK Grandma, I mentioned your recommendation, and applied a cold washrag. Kristine reacted positively, thought it’s a little hard to keep in place. Am I supposed to like tie it on with a bathrobe tie?

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