Continuing to try and understand time, and not annoy my family or my cats

I continue to have an interesting relationship with time. Like I spend time thinking about what is a “socially acceptable” time to go to sleep or, maybe more important to function as a member of a family unite, to get up in the morning. So I wake up, stare at the clock for a long time in order to understand what time it actually is, and decide if I’m okay to get up or not. Now, you have to understand that my mom has a long tendency of getting up long before any normal human being would consider getting up, so, if I keep up these early morning wake ups, I’m sure Jonathan will probably just ship me to the farm and park me with mom. I’m not sure if she will be up for the 5 a.m. dance sessions — she prefers to listen to the early morning news on the BBC.

I got excited this morning because I heard Jake get up, which meant that I was in the right range for socially acceptable times to get up (because Jake, in general, is more aware of being socially acceptable than either myself or Jonathan). So, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. But it is funny, I continue to looking at the time and clock and try and really connect what they say to the moment I’m in.

For example, I just realized that the time on my computer was still set to East Coast time, and so I was using that to come up with the “socially acceptable” time to go to bed and get up, not knowing that I was only being socially acceptable in a locale where I happen not to be, at the moment. The bottom line of all of this is that the whole business of time is still really seems kind of arbitrary. It seems worth it to go with it so that I can be on the same “page” with others I love . . . I just wonder when it will feel “real” again?’
It will be interesting to teach this afternoon and see if I can understand the need for the class to end. Right now, my general approach toward dancing seems to be that you should just keep it up for as long as possible, because it’s really fun and it’s what the body is made to do anyway, so why stop? Those of you who come to this class can feel free to gently remind me that it is socially acceptable for classes to end and let people go home, no matter how excited your teacher is to move again!

3 thoughts on “Continuing to try and understand time, and not annoy my family or my cats

  1. I love how you are letting us all know where you are with this process. It’s fascinating on so many levels, but it really gives us all permission to ‘herd’ you if the need arises. I have a portable BIG clock that I drag around with me whenever I teach anything. I rely far too much on my iphone for the accurate time, but checking that while teaching is less than convenient. I will bring Big Battery Clock to the studio this afternoon and when the little hand is on the 5 and the big hand is on the 6 that will signify the “official end” of class. At that point people can choose to continue to dance, or not. Love your authenticity and willingness to share this experience with us. Big love to you !

  2. So looking forward to dancing with you again – you amazing person! I have been continually awe struck at the steady forward progress you have been making! We will be your time keepers this afternoon.

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