Peak moment this morning

Well, it happened at 5:00 a.m., when I got out of bed and realized that I had 2 of my favorite Nia routines fully ready to dance in my brain. Got so excited that I got right out of bed and danced through both of them (the cats were irritated because they weren’t ready to be awake yet). It’s so amazing to realize how much memory resides in the physical body. And then to listen to the music and realize the entire dance is right there, ready to go! This business of having a body is really pretty awesome, when it comes right down to it!

7 thoughts on “Peak moment this morning

  1. While reading this, my mind pictured Snoopy’s happy dance. That made me smile.
    I’m glad you are feeling well.

    • Yup, Suzanne. All in all, it makes me wonder why we don’t just dance around all the time, both because we can and because it’s just so amazing to get to roam around in a body that can do things, sense things, be surprised by things. It’s kind of surprising how much we take the whole thing for granted, given how amazing it all is . . . Good reason for doing the happy dance!

      • Darlin, I believe you’ve enhanced your ability to point in the direction that really matters!
        I love what that hole is your head is doing.

  2. Wow! Two NIA routines and not even 2 full weeks since the surgery. Amazing. Let me know if the food supply is low. (chocolate and tea. Pesto for Dr. Sunshine and Jake?)

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