Dr Sunshine tries out the couch

20131010_150908 Moved into new digs!!  First order of business for Dr Sunshine is a little nap on that couch.  Goodness knows Dr S can power-nap anywhere, and has.  Although the implication is one could sleep here overnight, I don’t think so.  The charms of Somerville hoteliers are not to be denied.

After a somewhat leisurely start, made some big time progress … unplugged from IV drip, a little bit of chit chat, can walk to the WC with help, nibbled on a saltine, chuckled at some uproariously Sunshiny pronouncement.   Mostly though continuing rest/silent meditation.

I did learn that the morphine is cut off at 24 hours by policy,  and they were holding off on oral meds waiting out the nausea … so there was a little stretch there of no pain meds, then some tylenol.  Imagine that, 2 days after the having your skull opened and closed, but this was acceptable on the Norwegian pain scale.

Getting back to the hair front .. the best way I can describe it is imagine some Seattle dude with a 4-inch x 7- inch mohawk.   Take the complement of that, and you’ve got Kristine’s do.   Not sure really the best hat for that.

9 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine tries out the couch

  1. Lordy Lordy I love what Kristine writes but I find myself snickering for hours after reading Dr. Sunshine’s posts. Maybe Dr. Sunshine can start his own blog.

  2. I say she has them shave the rest. Rock the Sinead O’Connor look, then morph through the alternates until she’s back to her usual do. If she’s as smart as I think she is, she’ll see the advantages of the bald look. 😜

  3. NIce room. Our friend in St. Paul had awful time with nausea from chemo for breast cancer. She used acupuncture to keep it at bay. Or maybe acupressure points (described on internet) would do the trick so no needles. One of Tim’s students in Canada had a mohawk and dyed it different pastel shades for the graduation banquet.

  4. Having had the bald look–it really isn’t that bad. No fuss styling–add some flashy earrings and you’re ready to go. No hair–No bad hair days.

  5. Think Mr Sunshine could have second career as a stand up (or sit down) comedian!! I do thank him for the updates and the humor which I really enjoy. Maybe a special hat could be made for Kristine although I think she could carry off either the Mohawk or any new do

  6. Nice room…hopefully, you both have a nice view of something! Scarves can be very stylish these days. Or, go with Bill C.’s suggestion-bald is beautiful!

  7. Verticality was good news, but a regular room with a window and a couch is even better! There are lots of beautiful scarves and we could have a wonderful time finding hats 🙂 When my sister lost her hair during chemo, her husband said they discovered what a beautifully shaped head she had! Thank you so much for posting pictures and updates so we can be with you on this journey 🙂

  8. I keep waiting for the updates of Kristine’s progress and hope she has painless way to full recovery. Whether Kristine gets Mohawk or bald hair, with or without a scarf, she has a very beautiful soul that would make her a beauty queen wherever she goes.

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