Game On!


I added this picture because I like the idea of a bunch of monks saying “WHEEEE!” as they take a plunge into the unknown.  I can relate.

An update for everyone:

Jonathan and I heard back from a member of the team of doctors who have been making decisions about my surgery, and they have decided to go ahead with surgery on Tuesday, October 8th, as 12:15, as planned. Jonathan describes this surgery as “minimally invasive brain surgery,” in which they are taking out the lesion in my left temporal lobe which they believe is responsible as a starting site for the seizures. What they have decided not to do, at this point, is the more invasive surgery in which they take out larger portions of the temporal lobe and left hippocampus. The doctors are hoping that this surgery that takes “less real estate” (as they often refer to the brain) will stop or at least greatly diminish the seizures. If not, I might be facing a second surgery. However, the more invasive surgery came with more risk of significantly impacting my language and memory, and so I think we all feel good about trying this and hoping that it works (there’s a good thing to keep in your prayers!).

We are getting everything ready to head out of town shortly. Thank you to everyone who has been helping, in so many large and small ways along the way — they all feel huge. Thank you for supporting Jake and Leda (who will be here in Pullman during this upcoming week). Thanks to Chip and Trina at church, and the talented group at Aloft Yoga and Nia who have come together to teach for me and keep things going while I am away. Thanks to members of the CCUCC and UCC communities, the yoga/Nia community, the Muslim community, the St. Gertrude’s prayer chain, several LDS communities, the Hindu community, my friends who describe themselves as the “atheist well-wishers,” the Buddhist community, Native American friends, and many, many others who have let me know they will be holding me, Jonathan, Leda, and Jake close this week . . . It means a lot to us. We feel surrounded by God’s grace, your care, and the beautiful mystery that facing challenge in the midst of love brings front and center.

I have spent this past week doing some things for Jake and Leda, talking to my mom, catching up on some concerns with members of the church, planning and teaching Nia and yoga, and today I began working on an idea for my first sermon back at the church and some creative worship for Advent. I told Chip that it’s good to know that, even in the midst of a week like this, when I know something will be dramatically different inside of me next week, I still wanted to spend this week doing all of the same things I always do, because I truly love the many things I do that make up my life. I go into what lies ahead knowing that I journey with that incredible gift of feeling fully alive, and having the privilege of a life that is interwoven with so many wonderful people.