Home, once again, with my priorities in tact

We made it home, which turned out to be a pretty exhausting process of travelling across the country. It is kind of amazing that you can have brain surgery and then they let you fly, so quickly, afterwards. My beloved doctor has a nice little image of, when they do the surgery, they let some air into your brain, so your head is like a soda bottle with a bit of extra air that makes it go “poof” with the pressure changes. It’s weird, because I could actually feel the pressure changes, including it turns out that, just thinking about moving, standing up, anticipating doing something, the brain starts to do its magic and little changes in the pressure of the brain begin to happen. Those of you who know me can only imagine how fascinated I am by this entire process as it unfolds in my own brain – I may never need any form of television again, just my own weird brain doing its thing and watching it, in real time. It is such a strange window into something that is really a miracle – that our brains do this for us all the time, and we don’t even notice it.

On a practical note, the cats seem thrilled that I still remember that feeding them the moment I wake up is the most important job I have in my life. Our cat, Senor, seems pleased that I remember that giving him a little bit of turkey from the fridge is the most evolved human action my new “designer brain” could possibly display. I guess if your cats are satisfied with the work of the neurosurgery team, they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

And fortunately, one of the cats realized that her job, last night, was to just sit in my lap and purr, so they are holding up their end of the deal a bit – at least as much as cats are able to focus in on such things.

16 thoughts on “Home, once again, with my priorities in tact

  1. What a wonderful message to read on a sunny fall day. Enjoy watching/noticing your brain and holding a purring cat! Welcome home!

  2. Kristine:
    So thrilled that you are home and your brain is highly functioning, as evidenced by your witty and clever and sophisticated writing about the pressure changes you can feel in your brain. Truly, our bodies are miraculous creations. I followed yours and Jonathan’s blogs with great interest and concern. Tanya

  3. Have you read the book Stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor? If not u might really enjoy it. She’s actually Harvard trained neuroscientist who has a stroke and tells what it felt like when it was happening and her feelings when it clicked what was happening … Her journey through it all. I don’t know what your reading capacity is at the moment but I think when you are up to it you might enjoy it.
    What you describe about never needing TV again reminds me of a book by Temple Grandin (sp?) called Seeing in pictures. Also fascinating book on the brain but in case Autism 🙂
    So glad you are home safe and sound!

  4. Kristine, glad to know you, jonathan and cats are at one… Nothing like home, sweet home for healing. Your reflections continue to fascinate and inspire. I especially loved your description of how you feel your epilepsy contributed to your spiritual connection and calling. Take care and time to continue healing, ms nia and yogi.

  5. Welcome Home, Kristine! Senor and turkey….sounds just like that wonderful cat…I
    hope he continues to purr loudly on your lap…enjoy the sunshine today!

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