Dr Sunshine Thurs AM

Today, if everyone could just focus their meditation on calming gastrointestinal images, I think that would cheer everyone up in the NICU. Not much else to report at the moment, I’m afraid.

The night before surgery, Kristine and I had a nice walk around Harvard Square, reminiscing. As many know, Kristine did a lot of running back in the day, and one of her favorites was the Pack Monadnock 10 miler in New Hampshire. The fun feature of this race is shown in the elevation map, especially the last 2 miles > https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=345130218866273  See also> http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/1/1_39/3665.shtml

Dr Sunshine has a strong memory of standing in the rain under some sort of shelter watching dozens of runners go by blowing snot as they ran uphill; wondering “Yes, but why?”.

Of course, now we’re familiar with the WSU 100k, which has a similar uphill leg from the river, but my understanding is it’s over a longer distance. Again, why? Maybe Willma or Mr Riley or Mr King knows the answer to this.

Anyway it occurs to me this has metaphorical possibilities; running along just fine, then hitting that fierce uphill, but rewarded with a nice view and bowl of pasta at the end. On the other hand, one could just drive up, so I think the metaphor might need work ;- )

2 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine Thurs AM

  1. Good Morning from Colton, WA. It is a sunny, but chilly morning. I wanted to say how much I am both enjoying and appreciating your posts. I am also shedding plenty of reminiscent tears as 5 years ago next month, my husband underwent all that you have described in Seattle. This makes me appreciate and understand your perspective and what Kristine is experiencing all the more.
    It was probably 5 days before Patrick’s stomach settled down. The trauma, the drugs, all of it, a witches brew to rival any vertigo or car sickness. I will, indeed, send her calming vibes!
    You are doing a great job Dr. Sunshine! Thanks so much for your updates and unique insights.

  2. You are a funny fellow, Dr. Sunshine. Glad I made your acquaintance. The name will stick forever.
    The why: it answers the question, “Can I do that?” (The next question, of course, “Why would I ask that?)

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