Dr Sunshine applauds verticality

Upon returning from a run to the coffee bar, found a very nice Physical Therapist in the room. Was encouraged to watch as Kristine practiced standing, and then sitting in the comfy chair. Passed those milestones with flying colors!

If you didn’t know, to watch her from across the room you might think she just finished harvest, poured a glass of the good stuff, and sat down in front of a Mariners game. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Probably in the worst case she could work with Garth and Sarah to come up with “comfy chair yoga”, so this seems like a mighty fine step. Keep those GI meditations coming — y’all know she doesn’t have the caloric reserves I do!

6 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine applauds verticality

  1. I have caloric (or is it fat?) reserves I would be happy to donate to Kristine…Is she on a liquid or solid diet? Either way, hopefully the dietician has introduced the idea of Ensure, Boost or some other nutritional supplement…it used to come mocha-flavored. Can’t imagine they haven’t offered such a fine gastronomical delight! So happy to hear about the progress with mobility…her physical fitness will certainly serve her well now!

  2. Hey, Sweetie —

    I am so very proud of the progress you are making! Getting out of bed already – way to go! Hang in there on the GI situation: it took 5-6 days before my appetite started to come back after the double knee replacement. Dr. Sunshine, you’re the best! All my love to both of you.

  3. So glad to get my ill computer back so I can catch up on your news, Kristine! Your wonderful recovery shows, in part, what yoga and nia can do! You are an inspiration in so many ways! Dr. Sunshine, thank you for your entertaining posts – please keep ’em coming! Love to both of you and your family!

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