Dr Sunshine evening update

Thought I should reassure everyone that I will post info as it comes available. I don’t expect that to be for a few more hours though, so enjoy your dinners in Pullman and keep sending positive energy ❤

9 thoughts on “Dr Sunshine evening update

  1. Hi, Jon and Christine, it is Ellen here, from First church 20 years ago just before our firsborns were arriving. I am a chaplain intern at MGH but will not be there until friday. I do work just across the way at Spaulding Rehab in charlestown and could visit if you like, or I will be the on-call chaplain this friday there, if you are there. I will pray for a good outcome of surgery that I guess has happened already, but I think prayer is timeless. HOpe you are recovering well, Christine…

    • Good to hear from you, Jan J-L said you might be around I expect Kristine will be in a room in Lunder on Friday so if that works out great Otherwise we’ll be around another week til it’s safe to fly home

  2. I was at work this morning but my candle (battery powered) was sitting on my desk all morning. I sent angels to look over you both and all those attending you.

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