Sunshine report #1

I was reminded by a speaker on NPR, that the 1990’s were declared, by Pres George HW Bush, as the Decade of the Brain.    Dr Tanaka at the Martinos Center was saying that in Japan, the brain is refered to as the “mystery organ”, but it was even more so just 25 short years ago. I suppose the Decade of the Brain was motivated in part because all the boomer were realizing their short-term memory was going missing, and strokes and Alzheimer’s were really picking up steam.

Prior to the 1990’s the conventional wisdom was neurons were not very good at repair/regeneration, as say the liver is.  Now we know different. The concept of plasticity became part of the vernacular. Plasticity is our friend in fact. It means that when one area of the brain is being all pissy, the function that usually goes on there can be moved, as if by magic, to somewhere else, to friendlier turf. Yay brain!

By the way, need I point out that not that long ago, bipartisan support of government-funded scientific research was non-controversial?

Stay tuned!

Dr Sunshine

One thought on “Sunshine report #1

  1. Well, Dr. Sunshine, you brought a smile to my face! Pissy brains are no fun at all! Been dealing with that again myself. Glad that today is/was better albeit Angel is all stressed and pissy now. Poor girl has to let down after all her worries about me the last few days – happens every time just like clockwork. Take good care of yourself. Teach that brain who is boss and make it learn in new spots.

    Peace, Tony

    Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 23:51:56 +0000 To:

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